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Making a space look beautiful so people feel at home and cozy within their space has always been my passion. It is fascinating how much small alterations like changing the wall colours or adding some well picked curtains can change the perception of a space and with it the wellbeing of someone. For me, it is the most wonderful job to create beautiful spaces and homes for people. Every project is different and every project offers new challenges which give me the possibility to constantly learn and grow.

Home Staging is such a great opportunity to show what can be done within a space or what YOUR home could look like. Home Staging aims to make people fall in love with a space and see themselves living in it.


Whether you feel like:


Your home needs a little touch-up and some finalizing elements that bring together the desired design look.


You need a full interior remake by a designer that helps and guides you through the process of not only choosing the right furniture but also the right fabrics, materials and designing the custom-made carpentry.


You are looking to upgrade your property in order to sell it at a higher price.

I am happy to help you!  

Marisa Alatorre


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